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The Story Of A #pinkthink

What on earth is a #pinkthink you might be asking?  Well, as I’m sure you’re aware, the purpose of the hash sign is to identify messages on a specific topic, and hashtags are widely used in Social Media.  So when, back at the beginning of my Magenta Change journey, I started sharing quotes and memes that I found inspiring in some way on social media, I used #pinkthink, simply as a label that I hoped people would start to associate with Magenta Change.

Some of you will know that I co-incided the commencement of my blogging journey with participating in Sarah Arrow’s 30 day blogging challenge. Today’s challenge is to create an image in our Blog Post and I thought I would take the opportunity to introduce you to the latest version of the #pinkthink.

My initial blog post The Truth About Magenta attracted a lot of interest because, with my many years of experience in leadership, change management and cultural change, no-one was too surprised that change is a big feature in my business.  But what was the Magenta thing all about?!  My first blog explains that I chose Magenta as part of the name because it is regarded as an instrument of change and transformation, which influences our personal and spiritual development and assists us in turning our ambitions and desires into reality.

When I first set up my social media accounts, I would regularly share images and memes that I found eye catching and inspirational.  I noticed that people really like to share them too!  I remember one particular Friday night where a friend shared one of my tweets about limiting thoughts that we latch on to and how they haunt us.  It was a stark image that always attracts attention and in that moment it resonated with people around the world….  I saw it spreading in different countries amongst people with significant Twitter following.  It was fascinating to watch, even though it was more about the image than any association with me or my work.  I have to confess that it was nice to see the journey of that particular tweet as it taught me what was possible in terms of making widespread connection through social media.

At the weekends, with a little more time to hand, I would choose a particularly pertinent quote – maybe something that was relevant in the world at the time – and add a thought of my own and label the post a #pinkthink.  Those posts went down well with my followers, but here’s the thing.

They weren’t pink.

They weren’t magenta.

They didn’t have identity, or consistency.  They were just a series of nice thoughts or pictures that anyone could have shared and almost certainly, already had!

You see, the #pinkthink has simply been a part of a journey.  My journey to learn how I can best serve you, as my client.  I want all my clients to understand how the bits of my online presence fit together.  I want my online presence to truly reflect who you would meet if we worked together.  I want you to feel completely comfortable in the congruence of my message and the integrity of my identity.  One of the lovely things about my blogging experience to date, is the feedback I have had from those who know me – who say that when they read my musings, they can hear my voice saying it.  What greater compliment is there than that (especially as I’m told I have quite a nice voice too!)?!

One of the things we will mull over if we work together is that oft repeated quote ‘how we do one thing is how we do anything’. I’m not sure who said that first, but lots of people are saying it right now.  If you know, do let me know – and for now, let’s call it a universal truth!  It is certainly true of my experience so far.  So whether you meet me via my website, my blog, my social media sites or in real life, I want you to see that congruence and identity.

Given the #pinkthink is perhaps the quickest, easiest route by which you might recognise me and Magenta Change, out and about in the virtual world, it’s time for a change (no pun intended!). It’s magenta, for a start! The true #pinkthink has been born.

The #pinkthink shows up in the same way that I show up with my clients:

  • Consistent and sincere
  • Cultivating curiosity
  • Challenging thoughts, beliefs and perceptions
  • Dedicated to transformation
  • Inspiring unstoppability

If you see me or the #pinkthink out and about on your virtual or real travels – do say hello! We love retweets, shares, likes, follows and (will soon love) pins.

More than that – I love connecting and making a difference. Helping people to find their flow and become unstoppable in their mission!   If a #pinkthink makes you want to learn more about working with me – do click on this link to book a FREE possibility call.

Until next time… be bold, be brave and be brilliant.



Are you on a mission to create change in your world?  Do come and join my Mission Unstoppable community. I’d love to learn more about your mission, especially if I can help you to lead with confidence, create more impact and live a life that matters



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