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The Power of Love

I hadn’t anticipated tears. It was one of those evenings where I was half watching, half working. Sat with a blank sheet of paper, wondering what 30 blog posts around the theme of ‘The Advent of Change’ would look like. If you missed yesterday’s post, and you’re wondering why I’d be mulling that over, here’s the explanation.

Anyway, back to Sunday night. I’ve never been good at ‘just’ sitting watching TV, hence the blank piece of paper to jot down my thoughts. And then I suddenly became aware that my eyes were leaking.

Do you ever get unexpectedly and surprisingly moved? It wasn’t even a song I particularly like. But something in me tuned into the emotion of what I was witnessing, on the deepest of levels.

It wasn’t the song.

It certainly wasn’t James Arthur, although the blend of contrasting voices was impressive.

It was the witnessing of something rather special happening. A star being born. Dalton Harris, who was soon to go on to be the winner of this years X Factor (and let’s face it, that’s no guarantee of long term success!), for the first time IMHO really stepping into his power as a performer.

I’ve watched most of his performances over the last few weeks. I’m always curious when people talk about an early ‘outright winner’ because, increasingly, talent on reality shows has become relative rather than absolute. I’ve found Dalton rather fascinating to be honest. So often we hear mentors talk about how an artist doesn’t know how good they are. And this time, I had to agree.

Dalton has been so talented that it’s been almost unfathomable to witness his, at times, overwhelming surprise at the feedback and reception he’s received. His mentor, Louis Tomlinson, cheerleading and championing him at every step (who wouldn’t?!) has consistently offered reassurance, amplifying the response of the crowd, and trying to get his mentee to see and accept what has been happening around him.

As a coach, I love that role of champion and cheerleader. Creating and holding the space for transformation while your client navigates their way through the change they want to make. I love it when I get to glimpse your potential, to see your brilliance, …. to witness your excellence emerging.

I love that I get to believe in you…. and sometimes for you.

That’s why I felt that connection last night. The deep emotional, maybe even spiritual, connection with metamorphosis. I used to think it was the sound of excellence that triggered such a deep response and yes, it may be a sound, but it’s a sound that is felt by my soul, not heard by my ears. Conveyed on the waves of music but connecting in the language of the soul.

Stepping into your power may take courage. It may take everything you have. But there is true power in change and transformation.

It really is…. the power of love.


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