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    So You Want Me to Change? The WHY!

    Why Me? Why Change? Why Now? These are just some of the WHY questions I’ve heard when leading change projects and programmes. Even fans of change, like me (as you’ll already know if you read episode 3 in this #adventofchange series), want some sense that change isn’t just for change’s sake. And yes, I know there are also times where you just want sense! Whilst there are often more useful questions to ask than Why?, it’s one we are are pretty well programmed with from our earliest days of speaking and reasoning. If you’re a client reading this, you may already have heard my story of how, one Sunday morning…

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    What is Change?

    It’s a good question, isn’t it? What is Change?┬áLove it or loathe it, most people have a concept of what change is, and yet we rarely discuss what it means, only how change affects us. Change can be wanted or unwanted. Done by us or to us. We can be ‘at cause’ and take responsibility for change and its effects, or we can be ‘at effect’ – the unwilling victim in an unwanted chain of events.   What motivates us? Some of how we feel about change will depend on what motivates us. In an earlier post in this #adventofchange series (today is Day 3), I mentioned that I am…

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    The Power of Love

    I hadn’t anticipated tears. It was one of those evenings where I was half watching, half working. Sat with a blank sheet of paper, wondering what 30 blog posts around the theme of ‘The Advent of Change’ would look like. If you missed yesterday’s post, and you’re wondering why I’d be mulling that over, here’s the explanation. Anyway, back to Sunday night. I’ve never been good at ‘just’ sitting watching TV, hence the blank piece of paper to jot down my thoughts. And then I suddenly became aware that my eyes were leaking. Do you ever get unexpectedly and surprisingly moved? It wasn’t even a song I particularly like. But…

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    The Advent of Change

    It’s a title that leaped off the stand at me as I cut through the shops to avoid the rain. When you’re someone who, like me, is considerably more motivated by difference than sameness, the C word always stands out. I found myself looking at a beautiful Advent calendar that, rather than proffering daily gifts of chocolate or cheese or tea (insert treat of your choice!), in the countdown to Christmas, tells you which charity you have supported today by making your purchase. It’s a truly wonderful idea that supports some of the most vulnerable groups in our society. Sound like something you’d like to support? Before I forget, here’s…

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