Three Options. Which will you choose?

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My very wise NLP teacher talks often of the importance of choice. As I listen to the post presidential election post mortem, I can hear him now…. If we have no options we are dead. If we have one option, we are stuck. If we have two options, we have a dilemma – and weRead more

The Tao of Unstoppability

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  My favourite question when talking to any new client is always “What would be possible if you were unstoppable?”.  I love how that question creates space for thought, for possibility, for dreams.  Try answering that question out loud, right now, and notice how breathing life into your dreams starts to change the realms ofRead more

Finally… The TRUTH About Magenta!

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A few months ago, I went to a networking event in Cardiff. I had just introduced myself to another lone networker, when the organiser interrupted us and introduced me as Magenta. What to do? Do you correct the good intention, or do you smile graciously with an inner whoop as you realise your brand is getting ‘out there’?!

I went for the latter. Read more

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