Three Options. Which will you choose?

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My very wise NLP teacher talks often of the importance of choice. As I listen to the post presidential election post mortem, I can hear him now…. If we have no options we are dead. If we have one option, we are stuck. If we have two options, we have a dilemma – and weRead more

The Meaning Of Communication

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In business, as in life, we communicate all the time. Even when we are silent, we are still communicating something. If the act of communication, i.e. transferring information from one place to another, is simple, the how we do it certainly is not. Whether your chosen mode of communication is spoken, written, graphic or non-verbalRead more

Throwing Shapes – When Words Are Not Enough

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Have you ever had lots of stuff going on in your head, but not quite been able to find the words to explain it to someone else? You know there’s something you’re not happy about, something that needs to change, but you can’t put it into words. That can certainly be true of the limitingRead more

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