Flushing Out The Fallacy of Failure

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Are you tired of failure?  What does failure mean for you?  Maybe failure is not winning your latest competition, or not getting the part you wanted in that last audition.  Perhaps it was not securing enough votes in the last election.  Maybe, given the time of year, failure is not getting the results you neededRead more

Entrepreneurs – 5 Steps To A Fantasy Board

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Seeking advice can feel hard as an entrepreneur – it’s almost a contradiction in terms!  I mean, by definition, an entrepreneur is meant to be uber confident, have the best ideas in the world and the ability and experience to more than deal with any little hurdles that life throws up, yes?  Is that howRead more

Are you filled with Confi-dents?

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A week ago, I was no blogger. To be honest, I didn’t know where to start. I didn’t mind the sound of the writing bit. I wasn’t entirely sure what I would write, but I had some idea of what I might write about. What stood between me and my documented thoughts was the challengeRead more

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