Entrepreneurs – 5 Steps To A Fantasy Board

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Seeking advice can feel hard as an entrepreneur – it’s almost a contradiction in terms!  I mean, by definition, an entrepreneur is meant to be uber confident, have the best ideas in the world and the ability and experience to more than deal with any little hurdles that life throws up, yes?  Is that howRead more

Throwing Shapes – When Words Are Not Enough

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Have you ever had lots of stuff going on in your head, but not quite been able to find the words to explain it to someone else? You know there’s something you’re not happy about, something that needs to change, but you can’t put it into words. That can certainly be true of the limitingRead more

Ten Steps to Mindset Mastery – with Walt Disney

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How many times have you heard the phrase “When I put my mind to something….”? Have you ever heard it end in a negative outcome? Me neither. Whenever I hear that phrase, it is pretty much always followed with a story that tells you what the speaker achieved. While people are comfortable to talk aboutRead more

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