Flushing Out The Fallacy of Failure

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Are you tired of failure?  What does failure mean for you?  Maybe failure is not winning your latest competition, or not getting the part you wanted in that last audition.  Perhaps it was not securing enough votes in the last election.  Maybe, given the time of year, failure is not getting the results you neededRead more

Curiosity killed pococurantism. Yes, really!

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It’s not a word I knew until 30 minutes ago when curiosity struck for the umpteenth time today. But I promise you the title of this blog is absolutely true. If you, like me, are filled with curiosity at what the P word means, let me save you a trip to your dictionary or thesaurus.Read more

The Tao of Unstoppability

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  My favourite question when talking to any new client is always “What would be possible if you were unstoppable?”.  I love how that question creates space for thought, for possibility, for dreams.  Try answering that question out loud, right now, and notice how breathing life into your dreams starts to change the realms ofRead more

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