Personal Leadership – Leading from the Inside Out

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So if Personal Leadership is the only leadership that’s going to matter in the 21st Century, what is it and why does it matter so much?  Let’s start with why!  If you missed my last post, that’s a quote from Peter Drucker and if you think he’s one of the various current commentators on MuchRead more

When leadership gets personal

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Prompted by a recent discussion with a group of my clients, this new series of  posts is about leadership.  It’s a word that has come up in many conversations and contexts recently and when something shows up that consistently I often find it has a meaning that is timely for me to explore personally too,Read more

The Sweet Spot of Genius

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Do you ever find that just as you find the sweet spot consistently, your coach suggests an improvement elsewhere in your stroke or in your game?  Suddenly that beautiful rhythm that you’ve been admiring is disrupted and the sweet spot is more elusive than the scarlet pimpernel.  In my tennis lesson today we were workingRead more

The Tao of Unstoppability

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  My favourite question when talking to any new client is always “What would be possible if you were unstoppable?”.  I love how that question creates space for thought, for possibility, for dreams.  Try answering that question out loud, right now, and notice how breathing life into your dreams starts to change the realms ofRead more

Finally… The TRUTH About Magenta!

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A few months ago, I went to a networking event in Cardiff. I had just introduced myself to another lone networker, when the organiser interrupted us and introduced me as Magenta. What to do? Do you correct the good intention, or do you smile graciously with an inner whoop as you realise your brand is getting ‘out there’?!

I went for the latter. Read more

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